Jun 302004

A couple of articles I’ve read in the past day (Lincoln, NE passes smoking ban) and (Clintons visit California) have reiterated yet again that all governments place demands on its citizens, no matter how free a particular society may be.

I find one of the saddest elements of the current ideological divide in our country to be that left-leaning folk now worship at the altar of total individual freedoms and liberties without realizing that some community moral bounds and norms (arbitrary as some may be) are required for any culture to survive and thrive; likewise, the right fails to understand that legislating all sorts of personal behaviors and actions (especially at the federal level, where our government was historically silent in many regards) creates a fundamental mockery of their professed belief in smaller, less intrusive government. I may return to this topic in the future; you have been warned. :-)

The articles mentioned previously did not inspire this rant, in case you were wondering.

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Jun 292004

I’ll be messing around with the setup and formatting options of this blog for the next day or two; actual content of note should start thereafter.

It’s time for bed, said I…

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Jun 292004

Well, I’ve finally given in to the latest craze…blogging. Somewhere in between the subtle (and not-so-subtle) nudging from several of my friends to start a blog, the (relatively speaking) excessive amount of spare time I currently have on my hands, and the occasional urge I feel to actually express myself in a coherent fashion, I concluded that this would be the best solution to those myriad demands. I don’t know where this little experiment will take me, but I guess we shall see as it unfolds, eh?

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