Aug 302004

I turned 23 on Friday…yay. The event was celebrated by dinner, a night at a bar, and a short after-hours party. All in all, a relatively tame affair…much tamer than the one had by some of my friends (and you know who you are). Just another in a string of meaningless birthdays until I turn 40. :-)

I’ve spent a good deal of the past two weeks enjoying the company of my friends, some of whom I hadn’t seen much this summer. While it is good for me to be active and sociable, I keep thinking about all the friends of mine I’ve known in the past few years that I’ve lost touch with. Even though much of this is due to the major life changes we face in our late teens and early twenties, I still feel that I’ve done far too little to maintain the bonds I’ve been fortunate to have. That, my friends, is a confession of a lazy mind.

Class/other time constraints aside, I will attempt to post my impressions of the Republican National Convention once or twice this week. I’m planning on watching as much of it as possible on C-SPAN, since they air most everything without the commentary and analysis that tends to clutter my own perceptions. Like everything else on here, check back for updates.

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Aug 262004

Musings for you to enjoy:

  • My first week of graduate school is shaping up nicely. I’m excited about my finance classes; for the first time in quite a while, I will be gaining cold, hard knowledge in a rewarding field. For example, in one of my classes, I will have the opportunity to manage several hundred thousand dollars in a portfolio of my (team’s) choosing…hot. Also, I will learn about the tests one can take to become a certified financial analyst…also hot. :-) \
  • The campus preachers have returned with even more of a block on their shoulders than ever. Apparently, my status as a student ensures that I’m going to hell, since God never was a student. Dropping out and joining the workforce won’t save me, either, since God never…you know the rest. The “unnatural” desire to avoid war is also cited as a abomination against God, which, obviously, calls into question Jesus’ appellation as the “Prince of Peace.” Ugh…this astounding lack of logic/literacy/religious context/sanity is the most amazing I’ve ever seen this side of PETA. However, I do want each and every one of you to use as your new spam-collection address; use it early and often!
  • I bought Futurama Volume 4 on DVD Tuesday evening; I’ve already finished watching it through once, and am about to go back and watch the commentary. I never realized that season 4 had so many bitter references to the show’s own cancellation, along with a Lotus Notes joke I had missed entirely. Some things are never fully appreciated until they’re gone. :-(
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Aug 222004

My fifth year at UNL starts tomorrow, and I have no idea which classes I’ll be taking. The fine folks at the graduate offices in CBA and Seaton lost half of my grad admission paperwork, a fact I didn’t know until Thursday, when I attempted to register for classes. I’m still not a full-fledged grad student, but I can at least sign up for classes until the rest of the paperwork goes through. Anyway, tomorrow I need to track down and corner a finance professor to find out which classes I should take this semester. Yay for last-, last-minute decision-making… :-(

I think I live in Lincoln’s smallest apartments (I’ll post pictures when I have everything arranged and such for the year). However, I do know I can entertain 6 or 7 people here before it gets crowded, since I did so on Friday night.

Time for me to return to cleaning and to finding my passcard for the downtown garage I now pay $60/month for the privilege of parking at. :-(

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Aug 182004

By day’s end, I will have moved to my new residence for the upcoming school year. I will be offline until Thursday afternoon; tracking me down and harassing me during that time should be easy to do, provided that you know how to do so.

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Aug 172004

Well, tending to the farm for four days went surprisingly well, yet was also pretty dull. Fortunately for me, I only had to do farm things for about 45 minutes apiece in the mornings and evenings, which gave me the freedom to relax and enjoy the slower pace of rural life for the last time this summer. The few breaks from this routine reminded me that:

  • How IT is used at the school in St. Edward makes my soul cry a little more with each encounter…the irrationality, ineptitude, and controlling arrogance of the IT folk there would take several posts to flesh out its magnitude.
  • Round-buying is still very pervasive in small towns, even more so if you’re with people who only see you a few times each year. “I’ve had enough” can’t be used to escape this, either.

My time spent at home was not in vain; my parents had a good time on vacation and I was able to actually accomplish a thing or two whilst home as well. Another (and hopefully final) year of school approaches…

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Aug 112004

It’s official: I now have a place to live for the next year.

  • I’ll be living above SpaghettiWorks.
  • I’ll be living in an efficiency apartment about the size of a hotel room.
  • I’ll be living in an old, somewhat rundown building.

I have the feeling that the next year will be quite interesting, in one way or another. My future address is listed on my profile(s).

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Aug 102004

For your viewing pleasure…links of friends’ blogs. If you think you have a blog that should be added to the list, let me know.

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Aug 102004

Contrary to popular belief, I’m still here, and as fat and sassy as ever. Now then…

Last weekend involved my return to St. Edward for one of the best-named small-town celebrations ever, Beaver Valley Days. For the uninitiated, small town celebrations are simply more blatantly obvious than usual excuses for everyone to get absurdly drunk while trying to show the town’s best face to the world at large. Therefore, I went to the bar, a street dance, and a party at a friend’s farm on Saturday night; and sobered up while taking in the parade and barbeque on Sunday. In any case, it’s a form of entertainment that I can’t recommend highly enough.

I’ll be back home again from Wednesday night until sometime Sunday night or Monday…I have to be a fill-in farmer as my parents will be gone on vacation. My parents’ vacation has something to do with this, in case you’re curious. (Yes, I’m hoping to get a license to do so myself.) I may blog a bit while I’m back on the farm.

Finally, random moments from my drive to/from home…

I passed a country church east of Bellwood at exactly 3 P.M. on Saturday. Cars were parked all along the side of the road, and I couldn’t figure out why, until I saw a bride and her father starting to walk in the doors from outside.

Sunday night, I saw fog beginning to form on the edge of the Loup River floodplain south of Genoa.

I wish I had my camera for both these moments. Everyday life is incredibly beautiful, if one ever takes the time to notice it.

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Aug 032004

During the past weekend, I managed to keep myself relatively active, so to speak. How did I do that? Well, now that you ask…

On Saturday, I went to a friend’s wedding in Hastings. This was a large event, with about 350 people at both the wedding itself and at the reception. The reception had an open bar (beer only, actually), which is always a plus. Unfortunately, I could only stay until about 8 p.m. When I got back home, I found out that my family was planning to head to Omaha on Sunday for…

…the Nebraska Lewis & Clark Bicentennial Commemoration festival, which ran from Saturday through today. Being a history geek myself, I had planned to see this myself on Monday or Tuesday, but I wish my parents had told me about their plans earlier, so that I could have met them there instead of going home first. Anyway, the festival was quite entertaining; there was much dancing to see, music to hear, vendors to browse, speakers to impart knowledge, and food to eat. One of my professors from UNL, Gary Moulton, was presenting on the personalities of the expedition; I managed to learn a thing or two that he didn’t talk about in his class. Finally, I was able to check out a band that I had read about in the local papers, Brule. They are a comtemporary Native American band; I highly encourage you to check out their music. You’ll be very glad that you did. That was my Sunday adventure.

I headed back to Lincoln on Monday in time to take in the monthly tour of Empyrean Brewing Co. As always, it was tasty goodness; craft beer is such a wonderful thing. If only I had remembered to take my growler with me…

I need to find an apartment very soon.

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