Sep 262004

First off, an update to the previous post can be found here.

Friday, I rectified one of the few flaws in my current computer system by intstalling an additional 512 MB of RAM, bringing the total up to 768 MB. Now, I’ll be able to handle the next round of memory-hungry applications, starting with Virtual PC 7…whenever it’s released.

On Saturday afternoon I took in my first St. Edward sporting event of the year, a volleyball tournament in Hampton. My sister insisted that I see her play at least once this year; as luck would have it, I saw her first serve, point scored, and ace in varsity competition. Way to go, Kalie!

This weekend hasn’t been an unmitigated success, however. A visit to the ATM yesterday informed me that I have a negative balance in my account. How could this have happened, you ask? Well…I don’t check my account balance as often as I should (I keep track of the rough balance in my head between deposits), and I didn’t realize the last time I checked it that my August rent and rent deposit (totaling $450) hadn’t cleared…therefore, my bank account contains $450 less than I thought it did. Time to cash in on some capital gains. :-(

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Sep 172004

Last year, I worked on a developing an animal identification system as a Design Studio project for the Nebraska Department of Agriculture. This project was on the verge of a public launch at the end of the school year, but for one reason or another, it was delayed until it seemed as if the project had disappeared underneath the waves. Sometimes, these things happen.

Today, in a Lincoln Journal-Star article, I saw a blurb about the launch of Nebraska’s animal ID system. It seems that it was rolled out with a bit of fanfare yesterday. I’m glad that our project will make a postive impact in the livestock industry. :-)

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Sep 152004

I should probably remember to blog when topics to blog about are fresh in my mind…as Design Studio is in full swing, team time is back to its rightful place as a central time-suck of mine. Therefore, I’ll surely have more blogging opportunities.

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Sep 052004

I witnessed the first game of the Bill Callahan era today. Even though the Huskers were playing Cupcake, er, Western Illinois University, the game provided many great moments and hinted at many more to come. Both the “West Coast” and option offenses demand perfect timing and quick QB decisions…it is my humble opinion that the offense will be coming around sooner rather than later. However, that’s enough talk about Husker football for the time being…it’s time to go to sleep.

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