Oct 252004

As most of you who know me have long since realized, I have a serious affinity for craft beer. Since I enjoy it so much, the next step I plan on taking shouldn’t be all that surprising: I will soon start brewing my own beer. I decided I would do this back in early September, but a tight financial situation has delayed the start of this adventure until now. This weekend, I will buy (or order) the equipment and ingredients, and the brewing will commence. The end product should be finished around Thanksgiving.

At this point, I want your input. What kind of beer should the first batch be? Let me know in the comments, by email, or over IM.

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  3 Responses to “Homebrewing”

  1. Pale Ale.


  2. Wheat


  3. For a first batch, I would start with a canned beer kit. I would recommend Coopers (Lager or Real Ale).

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