Nov 302004

This will be, in all likelihood, the only post I ever make about clothing or clothing retailers, but anyway…

As you all know, I’m not all that concerned about how I dress, and when I go shopping for clothes (which occurs about twice a year), I do so mainly out of a duty to replace worn-out clothing. When I do go shopping, there are two places in Lincoln that I can do so without making it a painful experience: Old Navy and Abercrombie & Fitch. Both stores, despite having wildly different target markets and ad campaigns, have something in common: sales staff who do not talk to me at all while I’m in the store. It’s a good thing.

Another note on A&F: While all their clothing is horribly overpriced and oh-so-tastefully conformist, they do make a T-shirt that will last nearly forever. I’m still wearing on a regular basis a couple of shirts I bought in summer 1999. Damn.

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Nov 192004

So, I read an article on the Journal-Star Web site at about 7 p.m. this evening about the last night of Lincoln’s old downtown movie theaters. Buried in the article was a quote from a Douglas 3 employee that she’d let people in for free for the last showings of the night. Since I live only a block away from the Douglas 3, I thought I’d check this out.

I went over to the theater just before 9 tonight and asked one of the girls working if they were letting people in to the late shows for free, and I mentioned that I had read it on the Journal-Star’s Web site. She said she didn’t know about that policy, and that she’d go ask someone. She asked her co-worker (the one quoted in the article, it turns out), and once again, I said that I had read it online. They decided to call the Journal-Star to “correct” the story.

The staff let me in for free anyway (the theaters were deserted, and all the employees were busy claiming various items for themselves), and I watched the last movie ever shown at the Douglas 3, The Polar Express, in a theater I had all to myself.

A a note on the movie itself, beyond the fact that it’s a G-rated Christmas movie: The CG animation in the film was very well-done in all aspects except for…the faces. Uncanny Valley ahoy!

The Lincoln Grand opens tonight (Friday):

Hot: online ticketing
Also hot: free garage parking validation

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Nov 172004

Well, I was planning on posting some pictures from last weekend’s beer-siphoning and -bottling adventure, but…uh…I can’t remember the precise URL for the FTP server of my Web host provider. I’m awesome. (The photos will be up in the very near future.)

In other news, Thanksgiving’s coming.

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Nov 072004

I couldn’t think of a descriptive title for this post, so…a “grab bag” of information for you to enjoy.

The brewing process has begun. Yesterday, I spent most of the afternoon creating, boiling, and then cooling wort (the raw malt/hops mixture); the yeast was added at about 6:30 last night, and by this morning, fermentation had begun. Yay!

Beermann is back in town this weekend; last night, we celebrated both his and Stolee’s birthdays at the House of Hunan. The celebration continued in Kauffman; I stayed around until I was the only non-freshman or sophomore in the room. Yeah, I’m old.

My first semester as a grad student is two-thirds over, and I hate to say it, but…I highly enjoy being a master of finance student in general, and I really like my finance classes in particular. Finance satisfies the math geek in me and is a field that is actually useful in the real world; I haven’t been this excited by my education since my freshmen year of college. Now, if only I had been a finance major as an undergrad…

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