Jan 192005

There are many things in life that amuse and/or interest me. Here’s a smattering of both:

I received more mail than usual today. (Unless it’s Thursday, I have only two non-junk items to expect per month.) One item was a 1099-INT form from my bank informing me that I earned $5.10 in interest during 2004. Take that, IRS! Also, I got a health insurance card from Aetna as part of my grad assistant health insurance…which I opted out of back in September. (At least I thought I did; there was definitely some paperwork filled out at that time.)

For my International Finance homework, I had to poke about the Bureau of Economic Analysis site…there a lot of information there, if you’re willing to stare at it for a few minutes. Go! Do it now!

Finally…I (along with Kell) spent way, WAY too much time editing this Wikipedia article in the past few days. As if I need more things to encourage my procrastinatory tendencies…

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  1. and i helpted

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