Mar 312005

It’s not quite April, and I already have all my arrangements for this summer and fall made. Around April 15, I’ll be moving a few blocks to a substantially larger apartment in the Grainger Building in the Haymarket. Also, I’ll be working for the Nebraska Department of Property Assessment and Taxation from May to December. Finally, I’ll be the JDE Finance 361 TA/grader once again this fall. Yay productivity!

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Mar 232005

Tonight, I did something that I have never done willingly before: I made a to-do list. I feel defeated, yet more productive.

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Mar 192005

As I discussed in a previous post, I had been using the G5-optimized version of Firefox, but I gave up on it after a couple of days due to an annoying History bug. However, a new build released today has fixed this issue, and I have resumed using its abundant goodness. Hopefully the upcoming 1.0.2 Firefox release won’t cause these bugs to reappear…

For those of you that are exceptionally interested in such things, here’s the discussion on MozillaZine that lead to this bug being fixed.

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Mar 072005

A while back, I had read about builds of Firefox (Windows) optimized for various x86 processors. At the time, it hadn’t occurred to me to look for Firefox builds optimized for the PowerPC G4 and G5 processors. Anyway, for your own personal enjoyment:

G4-optimized Firefox
G5-optimized Firefox

The G5-optimized version is quite stable and is very responsive, and the UI has been tinkered with to make it more consistent with Mac OS X. If you have a G5 Mac, I recommend checking it out.

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Mar 032005

As you have probably noticed, I’ve started playing around with my blog template/CSS. I’ll keep playing around with the settings over the next several days; let me know if anything looks off or could be improved…

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Mar 022005

As I noted in my last post, I’ve been playing way too much Dragon Warrior III lately. Fortunately for me, I’m very close to the end of the game (level 40, as of tonight). I usually don’t play RPGs, and now I remember why; they are so addictive. That’s why I won’t even touch MMORPGs (even though some of you really want me to start playing World of Warcraft). It’s probably a good thing that I have a Mac and that I do not own any console systems, so that I do not tempt further my inner eXtreme gamer…

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