Apr 202005

I may be more or less AWOL from the Internet this weekend (and perhaps longer); Time Warner Cable doesn’t allow you to transfer service to a new address when the previous resident hasn’t bothered to cancel/transfer his service in the week(s) since he moved out.

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Apr 182005

Mid-April in Nebraska is, in a word, perfect. The promise of a new season is upon us, and the landscape is more alive now than it is at any other time of the year. Today was pleasant enough that I began my oft-stated plan to exercise more often; I ran from my apartment to 1st St. & Cornhusker Hwy. and back. Well, I would have…

…if I hadn’t developed a blister on the side of my foot just over halfway on my run. Ow.

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Apr 142005

Unfortunately, the AppleScript displayed in the previous post sucks. The script in this post has the same functionality, but won’t force you to ungracefully restart your computer if you let the movie run to the end:

tell application "QuickTime Player"
     present movie scale screen
end tell
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Apr 102005

A common complaint about QuickTime is that in order to play movies in fullscreen mode, one has to pay $30 to upgrade to the Pro version, which allows fullscreen playback (among other goodies). However, this can be circumvented with the following AppleScript:

tell application "QuickTime Player"
    enter full screen display 1
    set the scale of movie 1 to screen
    play movie 1
end tell

I should add AppleScript to the list of “Things that would be really cool if I knew just a bit more about.” I’ll get around to it…someday…

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