May 012005

My copy of Mac OS X Tiger arrived Thursday evening; unfortunately, I haven’t installed it yet. Unbeknownst to me, the DVD portion of my CD/DVD drive broke at some point between late January and Thursday. Very sad. I ordered a new drive from Newegg; it’ll be here around the end of the week. I should be able to install Tiger sometime between now and then; fortunately for me, transferring a multi-GB disk image over the Internet is a viable option.

In anticipation of overall Tiger goodness, I also downloaded QuickTime 7 over the weekend. Watching movie previews in HD is incredibly sexy; discovering that all the full-screen AppleScript hacks (that I’m aware of) no longer work is quite unsexy. If anyone knows of/finds a way to restore this functionality to the free version of QT 7, please let me know.

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  1. automator has a quicktime component that allows full screen viewing… i’ve seen that it exists, and probably does exactly what your script does, but i haven’t tested it to see if it still requires qt pro

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