Aug 312005

Somehow, I managed to set my alarm last night (but not take the extra half-second to actually turn it on) and wake up 10 minutes before it normally goes off (I know this because I looked at it) and fall back alseep for 45 minutes (instead of frantically checking it every 5 minutes or so).

Being scuzzy at work is not fun, no matter how many cups of coffee I drink.

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Aug 302005

If I had some device that could receive my thoughts telepathically and then store them until I could go back and edit them later (automatically posting them would be optimal, but my thoughts wouldn’t likely be, say, coherent), I’d blog about 10 times as often as I currently do.

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Aug 282005

Another year rolls by. Thanks to everyone who bought birthday presents for me; you’re all too kind. Seriously.

If you live anywhere near Lincoln, I highly encourage you to take in the Nebraska State Fair (which runs through Labor Day). The fair is more enjoyable and has more “stuff” to see/do this year than at any point in the past 7-10 years.

Finally…I wonder if we’ll be saying “Well, at least I was able to see New Orleans before August 2005″ by the end of the week…

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Aug 212005

Every Saturday since I’ve moved to the Haymarket, I’ve noticed that there’s a wedding reception taking place in the building across the street from me. For a while, I thought the receptions were being held at Doc’s Place, but in the past month or so, I realized that the receptions were actually up on the fifth floor. It took a surprisingly long amout of Internet sleuthing (about 10 minutes) for me to find the name of the reception hall: The Apothecary Lofts. Looks like a neat (and fairly expensive) place to have a wedding reception; I’ve filed this away for use in some far off, highly hypothetical future.

Also, for those of you who’ll be living in Lincoln for the next 2-3 years: The Harris Overpass (the O St. viduct) will be torn down and rebuilt in 2007. From the preliminary meetings and brochures, it looks like it’ll be significantly gentrified; arches, shops built underneath the bridge, and decorative lighting are all possibilities.

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Aug 162005

The building I work in has seen a number of new tenants since I started work in May. In mid-June, a vaguely trendy-looking company (it looks like they spent a lot of money on office furniture) moved into one of the first-floor suites. Only two guys work there; they have a G5 tower and a random l33t XP box (with large widescreen monitors for both), some digital video equipment, and a green room in the back. However, they never had anything logos or signs up that listed the name of the company…until today. Apparently, they’re Outpost 12 Studios (You have no idea how much that had been bugging me.)

Speaking of trendy-looking companies, they’re right next door to Synerg Marketing (which moved to the Gold’s Building in April).

Yes, there is a difference between those two links.

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Aug 162005

I don’t dream (or remember my dreams) all that often; when I do, they’re usually not terribly people-oriented. Last night was, for me, a fairly eXtreme exception.

In the first dream, I would repeatedly go to a generically downtown-urban bar/restaurant. It was on the third floor of a brick building; I would take the stairs to get there. The owner/server (who alternated between being Russian and black) would always recognize me and talk to me. I would then be served food and drinks, and I would also then look at the downtown area through large windows that lined two of the walls. At that point, this particular dream would end.

The second dream seemed to be longer, and it only occured once. This one starts by my driving across town to visit a female friend of mine. Apparently, there has been some history between us; however, that history was never mentioned by either of us (even though all other individuals in the dream apparently knew it as well). At no point during the dream did either of us act affectionate towards the other. Anyway, I got there, and walked up stairs to her apartment. We talked for a while, then suddenly, a gang of people appeared at the door, and they wanted to beat me up. I snuck out a window and climbed down to the ground; suddenly, the location changed, and I was now hiding behind the house on the farm where I lived from the ages of 2 to 14. I was hiding around the back of the house, trying to escape from the gang; randomly, they decided to race their motorcycles on the country roads, and they sped off. So I went back in the house, and talked to the girl for a while. After a while, my dad stopped by, and we all talked some more. I looked outside the house and saw her car; it had vaguely hipster-ish bumper stickers all over it (a personality feature which had not previously been evident). That was the ending point of that dream.

The final dream I remember was very short; I was grocery shopping in my hometown, and a worker/high school classmate of mine (who works at this grocery store in real life) let me try their new credit/debit payment system at the store.

If that isn’t plenty of fodder for “…and hilarity ensued” in the comments, I don’t know what is.

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Aug 082005

I like to cook; it’s neat. Here’s two recipes I made up today (more or less):

Restaurant-Style Chipotle Salsa

16 oz. fresh tomatoes, peeled, diced
8 oz. green pepper, diced
8 oz. red or orange pepper, diced
4 oz. red or white onion, diced
2 cloves garlic, crushed, minced
1 or 2 jalapeño pepper(s), minced
1 or 2 chipotle pepper(s) in adobo sauce, minced
2 tbsp. adobo sauce
2 tbsp. vinegar (cider or white)
1 tbsp. cilantro (fresh or dry)
1 tsp. cumin
1 tsp. sugar
1/2 tsp. black pepper
1/2 tsp. salt

Mix all ingredients together, draining any excess juice from fresh vegetables before adding.

Quick and Dirty Garlic Bread

2 slices of bread
garlic powder
butter or margarine

Lightly toast bread. Lightly spread butter or margarine on toast. Sprinkle garlic powder on toast. Put toast in microwave on medium setting for 10-15 seconds.

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