Aug 212005

Every Saturday since I’ve moved to the Haymarket, I’ve noticed that there’s a wedding reception taking place in the building across the street from me. For a while, I thought the receptions were being held at Doc’s Place, but in the past month or so, I realized that the receptions were actually up on the fifth floor. It took a surprisingly long amout of Internet sleuthing (about 10 minutes) for me to find the name of the reception hall: The Apothecary Lofts. Looks like a neat (and fairly expensive) place to have a wedding reception; I’ve filed this away for use in some far off, highly hypothetical future.

Also, for those of you who’ll be living in Lincoln for the next 2-3 years: The Harris Overpass (the O St. viduct) will be torn down and rebuilt in 2007. From the preliminary meetings and brochures, it looks like it’ll be significantly gentrified; arches, shops built underneath the bridge, and decorative lighting are all possibilities.

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  1. When we’re all rich, we should buy that loft and turn it into a “Drug Den”!

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