Sep 282005

Apologies in advance…

From time to time I try to develop some sort of Grand Unified Theory on why I like some things but not others (for simplicity’s sake, I’m restricting this theory to my tastes in entertainment/information media). Obivously, I have my thoughts on why I like and dislike certain things, but explaining them would make one very long blog post (it’s still something I’m considering writing about down the road anyway).

For your consideration, I present a broadly categorized and poorly defined list.

Things I voraciously consume, if given the opportunity:

  • Newspapers/news Web sites
  • Wikipedia
  • The History Channel
  • Maps
  • Video games (I purposely limit the amount of gaming I do)
  • TV/film comedies (I marginally prefer the clever over the plain stupid)

Things I am mostly indifferent to and do not seek out, but generally enjoyed if happened upon:

  • Action/thriller movies
  • Music
  • Fiction literature

Things I generally do not enjoy (although each item has exception(s) that prove the rule):

  • (Dramatic) science fiction and fantasy TV/movies
  • Anime (generally restricted to anything that has appeared on Adult Swim)
  • Country music

Examples of specific things that bother me:

  • American Beauty (I do recognize that it is a good movie; I have no desire to ever watch it again)
  • Tuesdays with Morrie (I quit reading it halfway through)

Feel free to post your own theories; the shorter and more vicious you can make them, the better. Finally, there’s Super Happy Bonus Points to be had if you can guess what caused me to create this post in the first place.

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Sep 252005

I went back to St. Edward for part of the weekend; as usual, it was a nice and all-too-brief return to the slow yet comfortable pace of life in a small town. My usual at-home routine was “livened up”, so to speak, by loading up and hauling away a truckful of shelving from a former Wal-Mart. Apparently, when one of their stores closes, the company doesn’t bother to move any of the shelves, chairs, signs, scanners, freezers, etc. to the new store; instead, everything is sold off at auction a few months after the store closes. In fact, an auction company has become very successful simply by running the auctions at former Wal-Marts. Anyway, that’s how my family came to be the owners of at least 16′ worth of very heavy-duty shelving. It’ll be useful someday, I guess.

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Sep 232005

Not getting nearly enough sleep for several weeks has taken its revenge on me…I came down with a vaguely cold-like illness yesterday afternoon. It’s highly annoying when you’re just sick enough to have your body constantly remind you that it’s ill, but not quite sick enough to have a justifiable excuse to not be at work/school/etc.

Oh well…at least it’s Friday.

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Sep 092005

Ever since I moved to Lincoln, I’ve had the fortune of having friends/roommates who almost universally listened to (and have collections of) excellent music. My musical horizons were broadened far beyond what I could find in pre-broadband rural Nebraska, where I had been confined to generic chart-topping modern rock. However…today, when I listen to music of my choosing, I still usually listen to generic rock (albeit of a distinctly mellower variety than in high school). I have no problem with this, and neither should you.

One of my pet peeves is how people often assume if you aren’t actively and continuously demonstrating “good taste” in your choice of music, or movies, or any other interest, then you’re nothing more than a sheep who follows the herd of society’s taste as a whole. In my music example, it isn’t that I don’t enjoy listening to new and/or obscure stuff, it’s just that it isn’t a high enough priority for me to justify devoting resources to actively do so. Having an open mind about what your tastes could become someday does not imply that you need to take time to keep proving to the world that you, indeed, do make these taste decisions for yourself.

Another pet peeve along those lines is the nearly-reflexive “if any discernable group finds (item/activity) popular and likes it, then I can’t possibly like it” arguement. What’s the worst thing that could happen? Somebody may have a slightly lower opinion of you until they learn what your full range of hobbies and interests are? Oh, the horror! It’s OK to have some mainstream interests. The vast majority of people have interests that are decidedly mainstream, some that are offbeat, and some that are truly bizarre. Just remember, sometimes things are popular because they’re actually good.

I do realize that wasn’t a fully coherent argument, but it does touch on some thoughts I’ve been mulling over for quite some time.

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Sep 072005

The question in my most recent post has been answered: An otherwise unassuming man in his 60s cruised into the porno store (on a Hoveround!) this morning on my way to work.

On my way back to my apartment for lunch, a well-dressed man in his 50s was frantically walking about the 6th floor lobby with a package in his hands. He asked me where the 7th floor was; I told him that the building only has six floors. He got into the elevator with me, pushed the the 5th floor button as the elevator started moving, and continued his frantic pacing on the 5th floor after he got out.

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Sep 012005

There’s a 24-hour porno shop/cinema halfway between where I live and where I work. (No, I’m never been in it; however, it would be amusing to see which kind of folk get their porn fix right after breakfast.) Normally, you can’t actually see inside the building; the owner(s), presumably thinking of the children, have covered all the windows/doors with opaque banner signs, drapes, and frosted glass.

A few days ago, I noticed that one of the drapes next to the door had been taken down. By the time I walked back home after work, red and white balloons, along with two Nebraska pennants, had been placed behind the window.

Are you ready for some FOOTBALL!!

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