Jan 302006

As anyone who’s traveled much around the U.S. knows, the selection of great beer in Nebraska is, at best, described as “lacking”. So, I was pleasantly surprised to see that Goose Island has brought some of its small-batch beers to the state. (If you get a chance to try them, the Bourbon County Stout and Imperial IPA are both amazing.)

The only place I had seen those two beers in a bar setting here in Lincoln was at Yia-Yia’s. Over the past few months, I’ve become very fond of Doc’s Place here in the Haymarket; it’s a very good bar for the “just beyond college” crowd. Last week, I casually mentioned to one of the bartenders that, since they carried a decent selection of Goose Island beers already, they should try to get some Imperial IPA in stock. By last Friday, there it was. It’s kinda cool that they followed through with a random suggestion of mine.

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Jan 302006

Once upon a time, I led what could be called a (relatively) healthy lifestyle – I played sports, lifted and jogged or rode my bike from time to time. However, those pursuits all eventually fell away; my “freshman 15″ finally became evident around the time i started grad school.

Therefore, I’ve been quite surprised that I’ve been losing weight over the past 2-3 months. I haven’t changed my diet/exercise habits in any notable fashion…so, for whatever reason, I may be among the very few individuals who has been able to lose weight on a diet of beer and pizza (rolls).

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Jan 112006

It’s been a while since I last posted…in fact, it was last year since my most recent outpouring of humor, wit and banter. But anyway, it’s 2006 now. In a mere 8 months, I’ll reach a quarter-century on my odometer. (Don’t worry, I’m *not* going down the “Oh noes! I’m getting old!!” path.) Rather, I’ve been reflecting on how much life has changed in just the past 20-ish years I can actually remember. It seems strange to think that as recently as the late 80s and early 90s:

  • I lived in a house with (one) rotary telephone;
  • Home computers were little more than isolated boxes for playing games and typing rudimentary documents;
  • Contacting other people took actual effort;
  • The cost of gathering information was higher by orders of magnitude.

I get the feeling that explaining such a reality in another 25 or 50 years will be as incomprehensible to future generations as explaining the reality without electicity or cars was to mine.

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