Mar 302006

If you ever need a quick break from your daily routine, and you also enjoy the collective awesomeness that humanity has to offer, read the Lincoln Journal Star’s “Letters to the Editor” section. The paper recently enabled comments on all online articles; the comments on the letters pages are generally nothing less than amazing.

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Mar 282006
The warning below is posted on the escalators in the Miller & Paine building; judging from the signs’ design and well-worn state, I’d say that they’ve been there a very long time:


For some reason, I don’t think “very spiked high heels” are quite as common as an escalator hazard as they were when that sign was originally posted.

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Mar 072006

I had lunch with my sister today at Fazoli’s. Fazoli’s (along with T.G.I. Friday’s) is high up on my list of “restaurants that have clearly superior competitors in their market niche”. The pizza dough is bland, the sandwiches are often toasted to the point of being slightly burnt, and the breadsticks are uninteresting (and they took away the dipping sauces a couple years ago). I wouldn’t be surprised if a sizeable number of the Lincoln Fazoli’s customers are people like my sister, who live far enough away from a Fazoli’s that their perceptions about the chain are rose-tinted to some degree.

However, my mild disdain for Fazoli’s is nothing compared to the seething hatred I have for Ultraviolet. It’s very, very unfortunate that I wasted $6 and 88 minutes of my life on something that horrid. Please, for the love of God, do not see this movie. It’s so bad that it quickly drops from the realm of “funny-bad” to just plain “unspeakably awful”. The Ultraviolet reviews on Rotten Tomatoes provides more insight into how terrible this perfect storm of bad script, bad acting and bad CGI truly is.

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