Oct 242006

Bumper sticker slogans – it’s free and easy to do!  Make your own!  If nothing else, I’m pretty sure I didn’t read or hear these at some point in the past:

  • Guns don’t kill people, people kill people, but guns make it a lot easier for people to kill people.
  • Violence doesn’t solve anything, but it’s a very effective means of conveying one’s point.
  • The One Law of Broken Relationships: men are pigs; women are gullible.
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Oct 062006

One pleasant additional benefit of receiving large amounts of rain in August and September is that, for the first time in several years, the leaves on the trees here are turning brilliant shades of yellow, orange and red.  This is a vast improvement over  the “dry and dead” of previous years.

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Oct 032006

The number, quality and variety of places to eat in downtown/Haymarket Lincoln has been a highlight of my years spent living here. (It’s also safe to say that, collectively, these fine establishments have been a prime factor in my current “not as trim as it used to be” figure.) :-P That being said, one of the few things lacking in my downtown living experience is a decent fast (but not necessarily “fast food”) place somewhere between my places of residence and work.  As you can guess, I was fairly excited to find out that Scooter’s Coffeehouse now offers breakfast and lunch sandwiches.  I tried the roast beef sandwich last Friday; I was pleasantly surprised by how good it was.  A local (well, South Omaha) bakery, fresh ingredients, vacuum-sealed…tasty goodness.  I’d probably have lunch there almost every day but for the fact that the sandwich itself is nearly $6 and the meal combo is $7.50.  My downtown Lincoln lunch dream remains unfulfilled…

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