Jan 302007

Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve grown out a goatee, as is my (sporadic) winter custom.  The longest period of time I’ve ever kept a goatee was about a month, so I’ve never experienced a point in my life where the “evil stroking of the facial hair on the chin” ceases to be fun.  I don’t know how long I’ll keep this one around, but if that happens, it’s gone.
I also feel a bit more metal with the goatee, which is especially useful to me lately.

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Jan 252007

It’s already nearly a full month into 2007.  Time may fly when one is having fun, but it also flies when one has a very stable (if uninteresting) routine.  So, what, you may ask, have I been doing to keep myself occupied these past few weeks?  Well…

  • I’m (once again) actively pursuing the completion of my master’s degree;
  • I am still awaiting the day when I will be able to walk into a store and buy my “Christmas” present;
  • I’ve blown money on not one, but two additional genetic DNA tests;
  • I keep people updated on my status using bulleted lists.
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Jan 032007

I spent the past few days traveling to and from Dallas to watch Nebraska take on Auburn in the Cotton Bowl.  I wish the game had turned out differently than it did, but I still had a good time and a very pleasant trip overall.  Here’s some random observations for your consideration…

  • As my friend Henry noted several months back, people leave/abandon their cars along the side of the road much more often in Oklahoma (and Texas) than they do around here.
  • The “cult of the megachurch” is much more advanced in Texas than it is here.  Nearly every freeway exit in the DFW metroplex has a sprawling church campus proudly proclaiming its Baptist or Christian affiliation (which seems to be one’s only choice among Southern houses of worship).
    • Another interesting artifact of a North/South religious divide is the complete lack of pro-life billboards (in my observations) anywhere south of I-70.  This strengthens my suspicions that “abortion as a major issue” is, in large part, a Catholic phenomenon, not an evangelical one.  My roommate summed up the North/South divide quite eloquently as the difference between being moral and being pious.
  • Pete’s Dueling Piano Bar is a wonderful place to spend New Year’s Eve, and, I presume, any other night of the year.
  • Texans really love their regional fast food chains.  Whataburger makes a delightful non-greasy burger, but I would love to see a Taco Bueno open in Lincoln someday (incredibly, one just opened in Omaha); the Party Burrito is drunk-food Mexican heaven.
  • Getting in and out of the Texas State Fairgrounds is extremely painful.  Lincoln’s traffic control before and after Nebraska games is much, much better.
  • Tulsa, in both population and demographics, is Omaha’s long-lost twin city.  If it was the largest city in the state, there would be an uncanny resemblance.
  • The rural airports in southern and central Kansas are proportionally larger (for the populations they serve) than their counterparts elsewhere.  Presumably, Wichita’s position as general aviation capital of the world extends across much of the state.
  • I lost count of how many hawks I saw in central Kansas.  In some places, there would be 2-3 hawks perched on fence posts per mile.
  • Manhattan, Kansas is *really* in the middle of nowhere, but is much more hilly and pine-covered than I imagined.
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