Sep 272007

It never ceases to amaze me how strongly correlated “I am momentarily beyond earshot of my mobile phone” and “People decide to call said phone” are.

Today’s example: Before noon, I was away from my phone for a total of 12 minutes.  Both incoming calls I received this morning occurred within those 12 minutes.

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Sep 182007

A quick rundown in the “close to home” department:

  • The downtown Taco Bueno opened last week;
  •  The Hurricane (which existed for < 3 months as Flashback Dance Club) now serves food during lunch as Pastabilities (which I didn’t realize exists elsewhere in Lincoln);
  • Brown Baggers also opened last week (once again, I didn’t realize exists elsewhere in Lincoln);
  • A Husker home game-only bar is now (whose name currently escapes me) in the location most recently occupied by The Melting Spot.

On deck – Magnolia Restaurant and Crabby Bill’s Seafood Shack and Tiki Bar

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