Jun 192008

This is partially for my own reference, but I hope at least one person will enjoy the linkage:

Ron Pattinson writes one of the most content-rich blogs I’ve ever come across — Shut up about Barclay Perkins. (His “main” site is the European Beer Guide.) From browsing his blog (for 2008, he’s averaging more than one multi-paragraph post per day, so actually reading it will take quite some time), you quickly pick up the personality of the guy: as best I can tell, he’s opinionated to the point of being quite abrasive and is thoroughly obsessed with statistics, primary documents, and semantic accuracy. However, what shines though is his ruthless determination to document the history of Europe’s brewing industry and to dismantle what we “know” to be true about beer. It’s really quite a sight to behold.

(No, seriously, go check out his blog. If the technical content is too much for you, scroll until you find a travel/miscellaneous post.)

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