Aug 312008

…like you’d expect any r-selected species to do.

On my daily walk to work, I get my fill of “nature” by walking past the INS USCIS building at 8th & S. Last fall and early this spring, I would see one adult cottontail nibbling on the grass along the east side of the building. A few weeks later, I would see two or three adult rabbits in this area. By early summer, the additional adult rabbits were gone and were replaced with baby kits. At first, I would only see one little rabbit cautiously venture out from the bushes; soon that became two, and then three. A month or so later, two more rabbits even smaller than the (by then) half-grown rabbits appeared, giving a total of at least five newborn rabbits for the summer.

Recently, I’ve only seen, at most, two rabbits in the vicinity; I’m guessing with summer drawing to a close, the near-adults have been driven off.

(Moral of the story: I need to see real nature more often.)

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