Jan 302011

Anyone trying to access this blog in the past three days would have received a 404 message (I know, a 404 page was probably a modest improvement over what’s going on over here lately anyway). The good folks over at DreamHost disabled this blog because it was the source of high load on one of their servers; turns out a DDoS attack was hitting assorted pages in the archives.

Anyway, it’s back, and I’ve turned on more aggressive page caching and have started autobanning spam IPs. I’d like to say this shows that I’m moving up in the Internet world (the bots love me enough to start fighting over my blog!), but no, it doesn’t.

Coming “soon”: by popular demand, beer reviews! Sure I’ve done this elsewhere, but my reviews there don’t auto-import into Facebook, either.

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Jan 022011

Well…it’s been 19 months since I last posted something here, so this serves as proof (for now) that my blog is not dead.

What’s happened since then, you ask?

  • I moved to Kansas City and started a new job;
  • The trusty 1999 Alero was replaced by a (thus far) trusty 2009 Civic;
  • I became an uncle last April;
  • I ran my second and third half-marathons;
  • I made my first visits to New Mexico, Washington (x 2), and Alaska.

The non-spambots reading this were probably aware of some/most of those things, but in case you weren’t, there you go.

I have no idea how long it’ll be until there is another next year-plus gap in blog posts, but for the time being, I do plan on doing *something* with Mr. Blog. What, exactly, that something will be, I have no idea at this time. Stay tuned…

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