Jan 022011

Well…it’s been 19 months since I last posted something here, so this serves as proof (for now) that my blog is not dead.

What’s happened since then, you ask?

  • I moved to Kansas City and started a new job;
  • The trusty 1999 Alero was replaced by a (thus far) trusty 2009 Civic;
  • I became an uncle last April;
  • I ran my second and third half-marathons;
  • I made my first visits to New Mexico, Washington (x 2), and Alaska.

The non-spambots reading this were probably aware of some/most of those things, but in case you weren’t, there you go.

I have no idea how long it’ll be until there is another next year-plus gap in blog posts, but for the time being, I do plan on doing *something* with Mr. Blog. What, exactly, that something will be, I have no idea at this time. Stay tuned…

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