Sep 272007

It never ceases to amaze me how strongly correlated “I am momentarily beyond earshot of my mobile phone” and “People decide to call said phone” are.

Today’s example: Before noon, I was away from my phone for a total of 12 minutes.  Both incoming calls I received this morning occurred within those 12 minutes.

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Sep 182007

A quick rundown in the “close to home” department:

  • The downtown Taco Bueno opened last week;
  •  The Hurricane (which existed for < 3 months as Flashback Dance Club) now serves food during lunch as Pastabilities (which I didn’t realize exists elsewhere in Lincoln);
  • Brown Baggers also opened last week (once again, I didn’t realize exists elsewhere in Lincoln);
  • A Husker home game-only bar is now (whose name currently escapes me) in the location most recently occupied by The Melting Spot.

On deck – Magnolia Restaurant and Crabby Bill’s Seafood Shack and Tiki Bar

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Jul 162007

This blog’s been napping for far too long.  It’s one thing to be called out by your friends, but to be called out by your mom…well, here we are.

Therefore, I’ll awaken it by passing along a short sleep commentary.  It boggles the mind how different a sleeping experience can be from one day to the next, even when many of the variables (location, total time sleeping, start/end of sleep, activities of the preceding day) are as constant as could be reasonably expected.  I don’t know how one morning I can wake up feeling comfortable and relaxed, then wake up the next morning feeling not rejuvenated at all and with a pain in my back best described as “someone hit me with a baseball bat”.

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May 292007

For the past year, this blog has been using WordPress.  During that time, I’ve upgraded its underlying software…0 times. Now that I’ve learned that anything but the most recent releases of WordPress are hideously insecure; I’ll probably perform an upgrade sometime later on today.

If the blog’s down in the near future, it’ll probably be due to me frakking up the update process.

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Apr 302007

Hands down, spring is my favorite time of year. However, in recent years, it’s acquired an additional connotation that I am still not quite used to – the bittersweet emotions that result from seeing good friends leave town, either for the summer months or for the long term. In particular, this spring marks the graduation of the last set of college students that I had a large degree of social interaction with (they were freshmen when I was a senior).
Also, this week I’m swapping one roommate for two new ones. Here’s a sampling of trivia about the nine people I’ve lived with since fall 2000 (past, present, and future):

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Apr 172007

Last night, I played kickball for the first time since…well, I can’t remember the last time I played kickball, though it’s likely the last time I played was sometime between 6th and 8th grade.  Sadly, my return to the diamond after a decade’s absence was destined to be a short one.  In the second inning, I had a kick sail into shallow right field.  I had rounded first and was almost to second when my right leg decided to stop moving, which made me fall face-first into second base.

When I got up a few seconds later, I realized what had just happened: my right hamstring, which I had pulled back in high school, had been strained.  I’ll be hobbling around for the time being, so if you see me walking awkwardly, that’s why.

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Feb 282007

I shouldn’t let an entire month go by without a blog post, eh?  What should you, dear reader, do in response to this?

I recommend that you continue to be amazed that I’m not closely related to (the vast majority of) you, send along unsolicited Wii-related gifts, and cheer on the St. Edward Beavers next Thursday during their first appearance in Lincoln in 22 years.

If nothing else, my February wasn’t as life-changing as it was for my sister.

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